Moreover, in some relatives, allergies can be expressed by rhinitis, conjunctivitis, in others by bronchial asthma and hay fever, and in others, it is a specific reaction of the skin.
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That is why, as already mentioned, AD first manifests itself in a small child. Hypersensitivity of the skin to detergents, washing powder with which things are washed, the type of clothing fabric. Contact with allergens.

A variety of allergens can start the process, and often rashes appear after some time. Naturally, allergens will vary from person to person and may change throughout life. Taking certain medications, especially antibiotics. These drugs kill not only pathogenic bacteria, but also beneficial intestinal microflora, as a result of viagra pills their balance in the body is disturbed and the child's immunity is reduced. Frequent viral and infectious diseases - this leads to a decrease in the protective forces of a person, as a result of which the first symptoms of dermatitis appear.

Contribute to the occurrence of dermatitis problems with the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalance in the body. Atopic dermatitis can occur with periods of remission, the duration of sildenafil 150mg-25mg pills depends on compliance with the diet, the use of preventive measures. Symptoms of atopicgo dermatitis.

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In atopic dermatitis, severe itching is the leading symptom of the disease. During the period of remission, the skin of patients in the affected areas is dry and compacted, has a pink, mottled or bluish-red color, and is often covered with bran-like scales.

The disease is characterized by a pronounced skin pattern, giving the skin a shagreen appearance

The main symptoms of atopic dermatitis in adults include

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The presence of itching of the skin, present even with minimal skin manifestations.

The characteristic morphological picture of the elements and their location on the body are dry skin, localization (often) in symmetrical zones on the arms and legs in the area of ​​the flexion surface of the joints. In places of defeat there are spotty and papular rashes covered with scales. They are also located on the flexor surfaces of the joints, on the face, neck, shoulder blades, shoulder girdle, as well as on the legs and arms - on their outer surface and in the area of ​​the outer surface of the fingers.

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The presence of other allergic diseases in the patient himself or his relatives, for example, atopic bronchial asthma (in 30-40%). The chronic nature of the course of the disease (with or without relapses).

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In some cases, a complex of additional studies is required, consisting of determining the total amount of IgE, identifying allergen-specific IgE using a radioallergosorbent test (viagra online), allergy tests (prick test or patch test) and provocative tests with the ingestion of possible food allergens. Sometimes there is a need to take crops for the presence of a viral or bacterial culture.
Atopic dermatitis must be differentiated from the following diseases: limited neurodermatitis, lichen planus, Hebra prurigo, mycosis fungoides, chronic eczema.
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In some cases, a doctor may prescribe treatment with ultraviolet (UV) light.

And also prescribe a special diet for the child with atopic dermatitis and / or, if the child is breastfed, prescribe a special diet for the mother. On the video you can see Dr. Komarovsky's advice on how to treat atopic dermatitis in children. During the period of remission, you should adhere to the basic rules of a hypoallergenic diet. However, with severe exacerbations, reduce the diet of foods to a minimum. Often there is individual intolerance, which can lead to a sharp deterioration in the disease. Sometimes it is advisable to stick to a strict diet for a long time: from several months to two years.